Friday, 10 February 2017

How Led Lights Are Different From Other Lighting Sources

Light emitting diodes or as commonly referred to as LED lights are basically semiconductors that are made to produce visible light by allowing electric current to pass through them. The adoption of led lights for general lighting needs was very low due to the fact that the technology had not yet developed fully to become a reliable alternative. However, until in recent years, led lights are increasingly becoming very common and most preferred source of lighting. This is due to the fact that the LED lights technology provides numerous advantages over other sources of lighting such as the fluorescence tubes and incandescent bulb.

How Led Lights Are Different From Other Lighting Sources

The led lighting is completely different compared to other traditional lighting sources as shown below;

· Long lasting
The lifespan of a quality led light that has Energy Star gives light for longer period compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. This is because of the tungsten that wears out due to the heat produce by the electric current.

· Efficient energy use
The LED lights are designed to use wattage that are considerably low compared to other traditional lighting technology and still be able to give bright light.

· Lighting direction
The lighting direction of led lights is directional as compared to led lights that unidirectional. Such property of led lights requires that proper designing and installation of the led light especially the LED tube lamps.

· Wide design opportunities
The tiny size of the LED's can be suitable in coming up with various designs so as to be applied in wide range of uses such as in interior designing.

· Heat production
The LED lights produce very little heat when compared to other sources of light. This makes the LED's to be very efferent in energy use and thus suitable to be used in places where heat is an issue.

General Application of Led Lights Technology

The market demand for led lights is expected to continue to grow as more people are turning to the technology for various general and special-purpose lighting needs. Below are the various general applications when it comes to led lighting;

· Household LED lighting
LED lamps with little wattage are replacing traditional lamps that have high wattage but not as efficient as the LED lamps. They are slow being adopted as the mainstream lighting source as incandescent bulbs of higher wattage are being replaced due to their inefficiency. Fluorescent tubes are also being replaced with LED tube lamps. The tubes have t be properly installed unlike florescent tubes that emit light in all directions.

· Commercial LED lighting
The efficiency and low cost maintenance of the led lighting has enabled it to become preferred choice in commercial lighting. This is because of the low cost incurred operating them. They are long lasting and low heat production. The LED lights can also be suitable for street lighting which usually requires long periods of lighting. Thus saves cost in the long run to keep the street lights on and also in the commercial building.

· Ceiling and wall lighting
With creativity, led lights can be used to enhance the look of a room in a building and bring out clearly the interior d├ęcor and the intended theme of that room or the building itself.

· Lighting in motor vehicles
Led lights are now replacing tungsten lights in the headlights and rear lights because of their energy efficiency and lifespan.

· Greenhouse lighting
Led lights are used to facilitate the rapid growth of plants in the greenhouse especially at night. The LED lights enables plants to be placed close as possible because the lights do not produce heat that can scorch the plants. This enables saving of space for more intense cultivation of the crops.

· Special lighting
Special lighting is in concerts or in traffic lights in improving road safety. The LED lights are also used to enhance image qualities in art museums.

Advantages of Led Lights

· Low Maintenance Cost
Once the LED lights are properly installed, the cost of maintenance is very minimal as compared to other light sources that need to be replaced at short period of time.

· High Energy Efficiency
The LED lights can put out about 135 lumens per watt which makes it way more efficient as compared to incandescent bulbs. Such efficiency makes the LED lights suitable for use with batteries or energy saving gadgets.

· Long Life Span
The LED lights can easily last up to 60,000hrs of useful life while fluorescent tubes and incandescent would last about 1,000-2,000hrs and 10,000-24,000hrs respectively.

· Instant Lighting
The led light reaches maximum brightness in microseconds when switched on.

· Low Temperature Tolerant
The lights are not affected by low temperatures as compared to other light sources. Even at sub-zero temperatures the LED lights would still light without any reduction in the brightness.

· Directional Light
This characteristic enables the led light to be focused on a specific area and thus no light wastage.

· Rugged
The red lights are made with solid material and have no filament thus makes it hard to break. That is why they are commonly referred to as Solid State Lighting (SSL).

· Controllable
You can easily control the led light color and brightness due to its well engineered circuitry.

Disadvantages of Led Lights

· High Initial Installation Cost
Compared to other convectional lighting sources, the initial cost of acquiring and installation is high.

· Requires Correct Engineering
The LED lights require good circuitry engineering that helps to maintain its temperature. It also requires steady supply of correct voltage and current.

· Affected by high temperatures
The LED lights can be hampered by high temperatures in its operating environment. This is because the led circuit can over heat leading to failure. However there are led lights in the market that are design to operate at high temperatures without failure.

Currently in the market there are several LED light manufacturer. It is therefore important to make sure that you are able to get led lights that have been satisfied to be of right quality. When hiring led fitting company, you should also make sure that the company is reputable so as to receive quality services.