Monday, 26 September 2016

Is LED Light Good For Reading

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, which is a type of electronic device that emits light when electric currents flow through the device. Light Emitting Diodes are used in various industries, some which include the automotive industry, a backlight source for various consumer electronic products, general lighting applications, for making advertising display screens and in electronic equipment.

LED applications 

i. Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, it is used in the fabrication of indicator lights for gauges on the dashboard, status lights for audio applications, status lights for security applications and lastly warning signals. All these are in the interior parts of vehicles while for exterior applications it is utilized in the fabrication of signals meant for turning movements, for manufacture of left and right back lights and for lights meant for the third brake.

ii. Backlight sources

Industries that manufacture mobile phones are the largest users of Light Emitting Diode as a backlight source. The industry uses integration for Surface Mount Diode (SMD) that are a type of Light Emitting Diodes. A single mobile takes an approximate of 2 sources of Light Emitting Diodes and an astounding 6 key light Surface Mount Diode LED sources.

iii. Display screen sources

In recent times screens made from Light Emitting Diodes have gained popularity as mediums of display for information and advertising purposes. The most common applications are music concerts, entertainment arenas and venues that host trade shows. This has necessitated the technological innovation of integrated circuits on a large scale. These displays are beneficial compared to their counterparts as they tend to be brighter, provide a visual display that is dynamic in nature, have a reduced consumption of energy, an impressive longevity in service life, exhibits diversity in content display, unbelievably durable and the maintenance costs are close to nil. This has increased their prominence in preference to displayed based on plasma and Liquid Crystal Display Technologies.

iv. Electronic equipment

Advantages of Light Emitting Diodes that include meager consumption of power, minute size and excellent durability have made them prominent sources of light in electronics as indicators and warning lights.

v. General lighting purposes

Light Emitting Diodes are utilized in billboard advertising, lighting the exterior of commercial buildings, lighting building that are landmarks, lighting of bridges, lighting of roads, lighting of town centers and in illuminating landscapes. Their popularity was facilitated by their numerous advantages such as their durability, the richness of their colour and the ease with which their features are controlled in electronics in which they are integrated.

How Singapore’s weather affects lighting

Singapore is a country located close to the equator with a tropical climate. Due its proximity to the equator, the length of days and sunshine intensity are more or less constant all year around. However, the hours of sunshine received on a day is dependent on cloud cover on that particular day but are about 4-5 hours in wet months and 8-9 hours in dry months.

Viability of LED bulbs for reading

Light bulbs using Light Emitting Diodes tend to be directional in nature, this feature makes them perfect for reading purposes. Furthermore, their directional feature makes them suitable for several applications that are related to reading such as in lamps for used for reading, for use under a counter or even for reading under a shelf. They are excellent sources of reading lights due to their cost effective purchase prices and low maintenance. Light Emitting Diode bulbs prevent strain in the eyes when using light to read and numerous other problems that are related with light used for reading. If you want a safe way to read for long hours, make use of LED lighting today. It is the cheapest way to have a perfect lighting in the house. 

Advantages of using LED

These light sources have numerous advantages as follows:

• Light Emitting Diodes bulbs last longer than other bulbs such as CFL bulbs that are cheap to purchase but are not durable.• Light Emitting Diodes bulb’s directional nature makes them an excellent choice for reading purposes. Their use avoids strain in the eyes when reading and other problems caused by poor light when reading. This saves expenses that would otherwise be used for corrective health care.
• Light Emitting Diodes bulbs are sold at low costs making their use cost effective. This saves money while still providing quality.
• Light Emitting Diode bulbs are suitable for reading lights in bedroom areas of a home. They can also be used on workbenches and preparation areas in a kitchen. 
• These sources of light are associated with rich colour that is desirable in lighting due to their aesthetic appeal.• Light Emitting Diodes are associated with low power consumption that makes them suitable for use by low-income families as well.
• Light Emitting Diodes are also ecologically friendly by being a low pollutant.

Disadvantages of using LED 

Despite their numerous advantages, cons associated with using LED light sources are as follows:
• Light Emitting Diodes’ directional feature makes them unsuitable for use in table lamps that requires a bulb that shines with equal intensity around the lamp diameter.
• Light Emitting Diodes operate poorly in high temperatures as it leads to overheating of its package. Their performance is highly dependent on the temperature.
• Light Emitting Diodes require voltages that exceed the threshold and their current requirements ought to be under the rating. This requires users to have series type resistors together with a power supply that regulates current supplied.
• Cool-white Light Emitting Diodes cause blue pollution as they emit excessively high blue light than normal light sources.
• Blue and cool-while Light Emitting Diodes are a blue hazard source as they exceed limits considered safe by concerned authorities.
• Light Emitting Diodes are difficult and unsuitable to utilize in applications that call for spherical fields of light. This is due to their extremely low divergence capabilities as a light source.


Light Emitting Diodes are an excellent choice for users who are interested in their suitable for reading applications. Their directional nature helps readers using them to avoid eye problems associated with poor lighting and protects the eye from strain. Use Light Emitting Diodes today for a wonderful reading experience. It is a good way of maximizing the energy without spending a lot of money on energy costs.