Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Fluorescent Light Vs Led Light For Home

When Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, then no one thought one day it will become obsolete for obvious reasons. These days, you do not see incandescent light bulb at any place because it consume a lot of electricity and gives less illumination to you compared to many modern options. In the present time, Fluorescent light is the most common source of illumination in the home and gradually this option is being replaced by Led light. People are upgrading their home light from Fluorescent to led because they are getting benefits with it. Here, I am doing a comparison of Fluorescent light vs LED light for home and you can understand why people are upgrading their source of illumination in the home from Fluorescent light to LED light.

Life span: In a normal situation the lifespan of a Fluorescent light will be more than 8000 hours. In some cases, it may last for few hundred hours more. But if we compare the same with LED light, then it could be more than 50000 hours. This is really a huge difference that can be a great comfort for people. After installing it once, you can use the same LED light for several years and you would not need to worry about the replacement again and again. This is defiantly a good reason for people to choose LED light in their home instead of Fluorescent light.

Break resistance: A regular fluorescent light is always vulnerable to damage unless you have a proper covering or casing for same. But this is not an issue with LED light and it will not break easily even if it gets any kind of hit in it. Since LED light is mostly made of plastic which is resistant to damage by accidents. You cannot have this kind of liberty with the Fluorescent light because it will break even if it gets hit by a stone or other thing. And if you drop it on any solid surface, then also it will break because it is made of glass which his very thin as well. 

Electricity saving: The illumination that you get with LED light is way higher than Fluorescent light. In fact, you can save up to 30% electricity by LED light compare to its Fluorescent counterpart. If you are using an 18-watt Fluorescent bulb in your house, then you can replace that with a 12 watt LED bulb and you can have the same kind of illumination with that. In few cases, you can even use a lower wattage of bulb in your house and you can save more than 30% electricity with ease.

Easy to control: If you will try to control the intensity of a Fluorescent light with the help of sensors and other controls, then it will burn out very slowly. Also, it is not easy to control these lights because it heats a lot. It can also increase the load on your wiring in this controlling process. But if we talk about the use of LED light for controlling, then it is really easy to control. It does not put a lot of extra load in your cabling system, thanks to its low electricity consumption. Also, its life does not reduce if you turn it on and off again and again.

Dimmable: In your home, dimmable lights can play a great trick to create the romantic mood. But having such dimmable lights in the home is not cost effective at all if you are using Fluorescent light for same. First of all, you need to use a lot of fancy equipment for this work and you need special wiring as well. However, this issue is not there with LED light because you can simply use dimmable lights that are available in the market and you can get a really fantastic result with that. It will be certainly a good reason to choose this option for dimmable light.

Good for decoration: Decoration is another important thing that you do with the help of lights. When you use Fluorescent light for the decoration of your home, then it will not give good result to you. But LED light can certainly help you have a really amazing outcome with ease. You can get a different kind of light options for same and you can decorate your home for all needs. If you want to decorate your home for the festival, then you can use it for same and if you want to decorate your house for regular days, the also you can use LED light for same. 

Environment friendly: Fluorescent light contain mercury in it which is not a good option for the environment. This issue is also not there with LED light because it does not contain any kind of mercury or any other harmful chemicals in it. Indeed, many people do not care about the environment but they do care about the health of their loved one. Using LED light, they stay away from mercury which is harmful to health and that make it one more reason to choose LED option instead Fluorescent light.

Multiple options: In your Fluorescent light, you do not get multiple options. If you want to use a directional light with the fluorescent option, then you might not get very lucky in that. However, this limitation is not there with LED light because you can get multiple options in this. In LED option you can get directional light, cucumber style bulb, you can get focused light and many other things as well. So, these multiple options can be one more reason because of which you should choose the same for your home.

If we talk about the drawback of the LED light, then cost is the only drawback for same. In present time, LED light is two or three time costlier then Fluorescent light. So, initial cost of installation could be higher, but if you install it once, then you would get many benefits with it considering you get more electricity savings, and you get longer life with it. So, now I already shared all the differences and you can take your decision accordingly.